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Vetting Process

Membership in Trusted Advisors Council is limited to Senior level professionals and their executive staff who apply a consultative approach and serve small to mid-size business owners. Unlike many networking groups TAC is a by member invitation only organization.  We rely on our current members to recommend and sponsor colleagues who they feel would be great additions to our organization.  They then contact leadership to initiate the new member vetting process. 

Members are highly respected professionals who demonstrate high-character in their everyday lives and how they serve their clients.  Each person carries a humble servant mentality and like-mindedness giving mentality with fellow members. 

Prospective Member Checklist

Why We Exist:  We believe that we are consummate trusted advisors who serve our clients better when we develop deep relationships with like-minded senior-level professionals.

Who We Are:  A volunteer, non-profit association of advisory professionals who are committed to relationship-based networking

How We Behave – We hold true to certain core values:

  •        We help first, and give before we expect anything in return
  •        We know our stuff, but realize we don’t know everything
  •        We commit to doing what we say and what we promise to do

Prospective TAC Members Must:

  • Share our core values
  • Fill a currently unoccupied matrix seat
  • Have an articulable plan for how they intend to bring business to TAC
  • Engage in a consultative (not merely transactional) practice with their clients, typically in a B-2-B format
  • Reside at the top of their game with approximately ten (10) years of experience in their chosen field
  • Maintain long-term relationships with their clients, and have significant reference accounts and clients to which they can point as examples
  • Enjoy a deep network of contacts that they are willing to share
  • Commit to being patient and focused on the long-term goal of building relationships
  • Receive an invitation to guest (and associated sponsorship) from a current TAC member who has seen their work and who knows the value they could bring to TAC

For the final checkbox above, current TAC members should be prepared to attest that they would immediately put prospective members in front of clients if services were needed.  Current members should also be persuaded that they want prospective members in TAC to enable other TAC members to get to know them better (and because the prospective members are engaging and interesting individuals with superior connective skill

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