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Selective Membership

Membership in Trusted Advisors Council is limited to Senior level professionals and their executive staff who apply a consultative approach and serve small to mid-size business owners.

Members are highly respected professionals who demonstrate high-character in their everyday lives and how they serve their clients.  Each person carries a humble servant mentality and like-mindedness giving mentality with fellow members. 

Professions include the following categories:

  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Banking and Finance
  • Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Investment management
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Consulting / Service


Each professional discipline within a local group is exclusive to protect each member and to avoid duplication and confusion of where to refer member opportunities.  Consequently, a member is only allowed to represent one seat discipline within a professional matrix category. 

Vetting Process

Member prospects are . . . Introduced to a Chapter by an existing member in good standing . . . attends two meetings interacting with Members . . . and, attends two TRIADs with a Group Leader and fellow-Member present at each Triad.  Among the considerations for Membership are the right personality and mentality.  Character counts.  In addition, Members possess significant networks to share. 

Decision to approve a new member is made between the Chapter Leader and at least two Members.  The Chapter Leader has final say on all new members. 


The Group Leaders developed a dues policy to achieve two goals; 1) cover our costs 2) make it simple to implement.  Here is that policy: 

  • Dues are assessed for the calendar year, January - December 
  • Dues will be established in October for the next calendar year based on a projected annual budget 
  • Members will be invoiced November/December and dues must be paid in January 
  • New Members who join during the year through August will pay the full annual dues 
  • New Members who join in September or October will pay a prorated amount of $175
  • New Members who join in November or December will pay the next year new annual dues and receive a bonus of one or two months. 


2023 Dues Schedule:

  • Annual Dues - $375 

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